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Elite Las Vegas Drywall Repair

Drywall is one of the most widely used building materials there is. It is easy to use and install and cuts down on construction time in Vegas by a considerable amount. However, when you demand the best in advice and service, you need to be sure you speak to Elite Las Vegas Drywall Repair, who isa locally owned and operated company and comes with decades of drywall repair expertise.

There are many affordable drywall repair facets, and fixing a hole may not be the best solution.

With free estimates in all our following services, you can quickly find you have the very best drywall contractors across Las Vegas, Nevada, from the south of the city up to Henderson, NV and beyond, and at the right cost.

The craftsmanship we apply for the price is precise, and we always try to be right the first time. You can see this with all our residential and commercial repairs service as the quality speaks for itself.

There will be no need to waste your time contemplating your drywall, painting, or handyman jobs estimate. You can integrate all these into your room renovation or drywall repair in Las Vegas, Nevada, when you are ready. Our drywall services in Las Vegas, NV are committed to ensuring your home has a proper drywall construction.

Being licensed, bonded, and insured, we have a team of drywall repair specialists who work to exacting standards, and we always leave our construction sites the way we found them, with full respect for your home or company in Las Vegas, NV.

All of our employees grew up in Vegas and love to work and serve the communities they work and live in. They offer experience working with installation building materials to get the job done and get the job right the first time.

We specialize in being flexible and offer a wide range of drywall installation, repair, texturing, finishing, and painting services to any client in and around the Las Vegas region. We are the number one go-to contractor for all drywalling project services through our select experts’ teams, covering great installation skills and techniques.

Elite Las Vegas Drywall Repair always achieve the specifications and demands of all our customers. Promptness is essential, as are the most affordable rates, cost, and estimate.

We make sure not to cut corners or use sub-par materials and ensure all the hole removal and cleaning are included as standard. We offer a wide range of services that can cater to any customer in any project setting.

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This Is What We Do​


Elite Las Vegas Drywall Repair is the one-stop solution Las Vegas


Commercial internal building layouts or the plans on new building structures can be revolutionary.

For the past 20 years, our professional drywall repair teams have provided commercial enterprises with results surpassing expansion requirements and their expectations.

For durability, we offer metal stud framing and drywall services for any commercial projects. No matter when or where you want an estimate for drywall repair Las Vegas, be sure to call Elite Las Vegas Drywall Repair, and we can accommodate you.

Here you can find a range of areas customers request assistance for drywall installation and repair in Las Vegas, NV.


We can quickly enhance your home’s interior, whether it’s a bathroom makeover or a modern living room.

We’ve got drywall contractors to meet your requirements and install drywall or repair any damage and finish this off with handyman services that can carry out any pro-level painting. The very best cleaning services to complete the project.

Our work would transform your home living areas and free up your living space. Be sure to ask for your free estimate for residential drywall repair Las Vegas or installation you desire.

drywall contractors to meet your requirements
Best Contractors to Fix Drywall Las Vegas

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is one of the worst things that can happen to a home or business.Unfortunately, by design, drywall soaks up water with its sponge-like qualities.

Any water damage will render any sheet of drywall useless, and without pro drywall repair assistance, you can find the onset of mold and mildew.

Repairs of this nature do require full sheets to be torn out and replaced. On walls, this can appear straightforward, yet anyone trying to tackle a ceiling on their own is set for failure.No matter the level of water damage, be it a wall or ceiling, we have the tools and skills to make your space as good as new.


It is always a recommendation to replace a full sheet of drywall rather than repair drywall. However, a home or businesses have handyman services that cut through the drywall for plumbing or electrical services.

In most cases, you find these pros don’t do any great cleaning service, removal of waste, or any painting. These handyman services in North Las Vegas or to the south of the city often leave you with no choice but to contact the professionals to fix your wall at an additional cost.

We can carry out these patches in your wall to ensure your home or company service is back in great condition at an affordable cost. Quickly contact us for the best drywall repair service for your wall.​

It will be better for you to replace the entire sheet of drywall. If you have cracks or a hole in one sheet, it can lead to broader issues trying to fix this and make it presentable.

Drywall repair can fix cracks, yet you may find yourself calling the best drywall repair company in Las Vegas, NV, to do the job properly again.

There is more to drywall repair Las Vegas, NV. Taping drywall is necessary to get the perfect finish on seams and corners.

To get clear and precise results, you want the help of a pro service to repair drywall or carry out installation where you can’t see the joins.

Mudding is the next step and is what they do to hide blemishes or seams on your drywall installation service.

It won’t take one of the professionals from Elite Las Vegas Drywall Repair to carry out a mud service for an entire room.

What Our Clients Say?​

“Never stand your couch on end and let it fall against your drywall. I found Elite Las Vegas Drywall Repair and got them to come around for an estimate. It wasn’t as bad as I thought and they managed to change one panel and paint one wall.”

Brett Foster
– Las Vegas South

“With a flood from the upstairs bathroom, my ceiling and walls were shot. Elite Las Vegas Drywall Repair was superior and managed to change every panel and finish better than new in two days. Superb!”

Alex Maunder
– Las Vegas

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How Much Do Contractors Charge to Fix Drywall?

Suppose you are searching for different prices for drywall repair in your home or business. You can find drywall contracting company’s service costs range from $75 to double this for cracks and upward of $200 for significant holes or water damage where a full sheet needs replacing.

You can find a handyman in North Las Vegas can cost around $60 per hour for his time with a call out service fee on top of the hours. You are better to give a phone call to the professionals for your free estimate to see how it compares.

Other Services on Offer

The above are just primary drywall service areas in Vegas we cover. However, you can find we can offer a rate for metal stud framing, plastering, painting, and removal of old drywall from your property.

Elite Las Vegas Drywall Repair is the one-stop solution and the only company you will have to call to carry out every portion of your drywall repair or installation.

Phone the company any time, even outside business hours, to get the best ceiling or wall free estimates for new repairs or repair drywall as needed.

You may even require the pros for the installation of a larger project and need to know what to do to get ready for the day you have a ceiling or hole in the wall estimates in Henderson.

Contact us now, and you can find out everything needed from a Vegas repair estimate to final cleaning before the project is seen as finished.

About Us

Elite Las Vegas Drywall Repair operates locally and boasts decades of expertise in drywall repair. All of our craftsmanship, which we use for the price, is very precise, and we always endeavor to do it right the first time. Our repair services for private and commercial use reflect this because the quality speaks for itself. As we are licensed, bonded, and insured, our team of drywall repair specialists works to high standards.

With complete respect for each client, we exit our work sites the same way we found them and respect your home or business in Las Vegas, NV. Every one of our employees is born and raised in Vegas, and we love working in Vegas and serving communities where we work and live. They are experienced in building installations to do the job and get it right the first time. We are the leading provider for all drywall projects through our team of select professionals with extensive installation knowledge and techniques. Elite Las Vegas Drywall Repair always satisfies the specifications and requirements of all our customers. Timeliness is vital, as are the most competitive prices, costs, and estimates.

We can improve the interior of your house quickly, whether it is a full bathroom or a modern living space. With our drywall contractors' expertise, we will surpass your expectations and complete this work with our craftsman service to put the final touches on the paint. Commercial buildings can be complex compared to residential buildings. Over more than 20 years, our professional drywall construction teams have delivered the results that transform a business environment into something unique.

To ensure durability, there is a stud frame and possible double skin drywall construction for dependable commercial projects. If you need a quotation or already know you need work, call Elite Las Vegas Drywall Repair, and we can accommodate you. Water damage is about the most horrible thing that can happen to a house or business. Fortunately, we can rectify the drywall that soaks up all the floodwater. We provide professional services for repairing drywall, so that you don’t have to worry about mold and mildew. Other services may have to cut through your drywall, and often they don’t finish the job. We can cover the areas they were quickly so that your walls or ceilings look better than ever before. We take care of metal frame, plastering, painting, and removing old drywall from your property. Elite Las Vegas Drywall Repair offers you a one-stop solution as the only company you need to contact for all your drywall repairs or installations.

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